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Tough Loss in the Battle of Alberta
Sometimes things just don't go your way and last night was one of those nights for the Edmonton Oilers. The officiating was questionable at best, to the point where the officials apparently apologized to the Oilers after the game for missing a major call during the game. The first period was fairly uneventful. Both teams seemed like they were feeling each other out and neither club could sustain much pressure. Calgary had the edge in play but the period closed out 0-0. The second wasn't very friendly for the Oilers, and the officiating started spiralling out of control. Calls were missed, phantom calls were made and apparently kicking a goaltenders arm when they are covering the puck isn't considered goaltender interference. Connor McDavid took a pretty nasty crosscheck to the face, no penalty on the play and McDavid was seen later bleeding on the bench. Calgary up 3-1 after two. Yeah it was a night. Oilers clawed back in late in the second period and continued the momentum into the third. Milan Lucic scores to bring the Oilers back within one. In classic Oilers fashion, the Oilers began stringing togteher bad penalties and a bad pass by rookie defenseman and the Oilers were quickly right back out of the game. Just not enough heart on the Oilers squad right now and when it finally does start to show it's often well after the game even matters. A tough squad to watch right now and it looks like things might slide down a bit further before anything gets better. Anyways, enough about the damn game. I was in attendance last night and ate some damn good perogies. This little dish of perogy nachoes was much more satisfying than the Oilers performance. Perogies layer with cheese and then more cheese and then cover in bacon bits, chives and sour cream. SO GOOD. Just a note, the Oilers are playing again tonight and already getting smoked 3-0 about halfway through the first period. Oh boy, not good.