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Feb 23/19 NY Islanders at Vancouver Canucks- Random Notes
The Islanders are 1st in the Metropolitan division. They’ve lost 2 straight and haven’t lost 3 straight since November. That doesn’t sound promising for the Canucks. Goaltenders: Jacob Markstrom vs Robin Lehner I’m still hearing more fans singing ‘in all thy sons command’ rather than ‘in all of us command’ when they sing the national anthem in Vancouver. Hilarious! HNIC says the Islanders have more wins than anyone else in the NHL in the last 2 months. Yikes! Jacob Markstrom has 0 shutouts on the season. An unbelievable stat considering how good he’s been this year. Ashton Sautner is playing for the Canucks tonight. Let’s see if I mention him in my notes later on. If I praise him, he’s good. If I trash him, he’s terrible. If I don’t mention him, he belongs in the AHL. Even though the Canucks have been struggling, 8 out of the last 9 games have been decided by only one goal. You know the Canucks are close, but with all the injuries they have, it just seems like it’s too much for the a Canucks to overcome. The Islanders have the best save percentage in the league. Show me an NHL team with the highest save percentage and I’ll show you a coach of the year candidate, Mr. Barry Trotz! The game starts.... CIZIKAS SCORES backhand scramble 4:48. This doesn’t bode well. The Islanders have 5 UFAs at the end of the year. So in other words, the Islanders win now or they don’t win at all. PULOCK SCORES- off a delayed penalty. Slapshot. Yuck. 2-0 Islanders. END 1ST- Thank freaking gawd. I like Brian Burke’s commentary during intermissions on HNIC. I honestly think Burke should take over Don Cherry’s job when he moves on. Burke says GMs don’t sleep around trade deadline day. Also says he likes the McDavid 2 game suspension. Ballsy. The Islanders haven’t won a divisional title since 1988! 😳 I didn’t know that! The Canucks have 6 guys on the IR. How do you come back from that? The guys on HNIC day they don’t think Edler’s getting traded. He won’t waive his NTC. Not good if the Canucks miss the playoffs and it’s looking like they will. Elliott Friedman says he thinks the Canucks will be active in the UFA market this summer. Erik Karlsson? SECOND PERIOD The Canucks are actually outplaying the Islanders! Outshooting them 18-12. Lehner is playing well. On a commercial break, the CBC plays a Captain Marvel preview. BOMB! The Canucks power play is sucking. Canucks hit a post- puck was on the line before Mayfield cleared the puck. Damn. MAYFIELD gets a penalty.... the Islanders put the puck over the glass in their own end! 5 on 3! Annnd they don’t score. You know your PP is sucking when.... MOTTE hits the post. 2 posts hit. That hurts when your down 2-0. The Canucks keep outplaying the Isles. Outshooting then 29-14! Canucks outshoot the Isles 15-3 in the second and they don’t score. 2-0 Isles BEAUVILLIER SCORES- game over- 2:34 Canucks have been shut out 7 times this year. Looking to go to 8. The Canucks keep playing well, but so does Robin Lehner. The Canucks PP is a yawner. It’s beginning to cost them games! CLUTTERBUCK SCORES- empty net. Yuck. Robin Lehner is now the first goalie to shut out the Canucks two games in a row since Jim Carey did it in 1997. Isles win 4-0. Not good. I just don’t see how the Canucks can make the playoffs with their injuries. It’s going to take a small miracle. Or at least Elias Pettersson being Elias Pettersson. Onto the next game!

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