The sport is packed with unimaginable stories, nice successes and terrible failures, however there's additionally an area for the weird events that flood the sports world. Meet the rarest cases here.

  1. The team that reached a final ... without winning any match

In the Copa America of 2011, Paraguay managed to sneak into the final of the tournament without winning any game in regular time or overtime. All their matches tied them and in the final instances advanced thanks to penalties. The streak ended when he faced Uruguay in the final.

2. The sheikh who bribed a referee ... in full match

On June 21, 1982, at the World Cup in Spain, the Sheikh of Kuwait bribed a referee in full game. Shortly after France scored a goal, the Sheikh entered the pitch and spoke with the referee, then the referee annulled the score and continued the game.

3. Martín Palermo failing three penalties ... in the same match

That tragic day in the career of Martin Palermo, when the "9" of the albiceleste missed three penalties in the same game. This happened in the 1999 edition of the Copa America and has not been repeated.

4. The man who was champion ... as a woman

Polish sprinter Stanislawa Walasiewicz won the 100 meters at the 1982 Los Angeles Olympics with a world record. 48 years later (1980) the sprinter died and when the autopsy was done it was discovered that, in reality, she was a man.

5. The parent Trap?

At the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984, Madeline de Jesús could not compete in the 400m relay, so, in order not to affect her teammates, she asked her sister to run in her place. Everything was fine but a mole betrayed the twins.

6. The barefoot marathoner

After trying many pairs of tennis, Bikila decided to run barefoot the marathon of the Olympic Games of Rome 1960 because he did not find a suitable size for his feet. The Ethiopian not only won the competition, he also set a world record.

7. The murderous javelin

The javelin throwing has seen several accidents, unfortunately one of them was fatal. During a competition in Düsseldorf, Germany, a judge was hit by a javelin injuring the jugular of the 75-year-old man who died a few hours later.

8. Attack in the middle of the game

In 1993 a person jumped from the stands and stabbed the young Monica Seles in the back. Fortunately, the tennis player recovered 28 months later, but she could not recover the incredible rhythm she had before the unfortunate attack.

9. The animals on the playing field

Throughout the history of sports several animals have been protagonists of curious interventions in the fields of play. From dogs in soccer fields, bees in the goals and pigeons in the diamond have made unexpected visits.

10. A completely unexpected knockout

The spectacular second edition of the fight between Holyfield and Bowe saw an impressive knockout, but it was not of any of the boxers. In the seventh round a parachutist fell into the ring after his propeller failed in mid-flight.

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