Here is a video I took when I was outside Shaw House two Saturdays ago before going to Wheelock Place and the ION Orchard.

这是我两个星期六前在Shaw House外去Wheelock Place or 爱雅乌节之前拍的一段视频。

Before I walked away from ION Orachard, I tried to take a photo of the entrance to the Orchard MRT train station. There are always people going in and out and this was the best I could do to avoid having people.

离开爱雅乌节之前,我试着拍了一张乌节地铁站出入口的照片。 总是有人进进出出,这是我尽可能拍到避免有人。

Then I started to walk away.


Across the road was Paragon Shopping Centre.


The Mandarin Orchard Hotl in front ot me has a new projection on the side.


I spotted a Christmas tree outside Paragon Shopping Centre and decided to go across the road to check it out.

我在百丽宫 购物中心外发现了一棵圣诞树,并决定过马路去看看。

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