Government started giving out the step tracker for the latest National Step Challenge in October. We had to book an appointment in order to collect. My wife and I booked an appointment for 11.30am on a Saturday in October and went to the community club before time and queued. The queue started getting longer. Then they people in charge there started slotting another couple of people in a different queue. I asked the guy why is there another queue. He said it was for an earlier time slot. WTH. These people were a least 15 minutes late. They should be behind our queue. They deserved that.

政府于 10 月开始为最新的全国健步大挑战发送计步器。 我们必须预约才去领取。 我和太太预约在10月一个星期六的上午 11 点 30去民众俱乐部并提前15分钟到。队列开始变长。 然后他们负责那里的人开始在不同的队列中安排另外几个人。 我问那家伙为什么还有另一个队列。 他说这是为了更早的时间段。不知所谓。迟到过了 15 分钟就让他们排在我们后面吧。活该。

Finally, we got ours and they help us to paired with their app and handed the box to us. 最后,我们也领取了我们的,他们帮助我们与小程序配对并将盒子交给我们。

Supposed charge it first but since it was already paired, I decided to wear it immediately. 😎

本来应该先充电的,但既然已经配对了,我决定马上戴上。 😎

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