Say what? Where is the signature spinning globe outside Universal Studios Singapore? This was what I saw on Saturday outside Universal Studios Singapore. Somehow they boarded it up and the Jurassic ambassador is there.

说啥? 新加坡环球影城外的标志性旋转地球去哪了? 这是我周六在新加坡环球影城外看到的。 不知何故,他们用板围起来而板上图片是侏罗纪大使在那里。

I didn't realised that they had different design on at other sides of the boarding until after dinner later.


I went over to busybody the entrance.


The main street inside is too quite even when it is close to end of the day at 5.30pm.

即使在下午 5.30 接近一天结束时,里面的主要街道也太少人了。