One Saturday in October, I went to Marina Bay for a walk. After seeing a hot air balloon being blew up for a while, I started to walk by the side of Marina Bay Sands and came to the Apple Store there.

十月的一个星期六,我去滨海湾走走。 看过有人吹起热气球后后,我开始沿着滨海湾金沙旁边走,来到那里的苹果店。

Then I passed by the platform where people sit to watch the light show in the pass.


Across the bay, the building at the centre is Fullerton Hotel.


I reached the Helix Bridge. If you looked at the bridge from the side, it's shaped like a strand of DNA.

我到了螺旋桥。 如果你从侧面看这座桥,它的形状就像一条 DNA 链。

I walked into the bridge for a bit before I turned back.


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