Jugger is a fantasy sport inspired by the 1989 film, The Salute of the Jugger, and the sport in this film is the director, David Webb Peoples. His transformation to real sports, took place precisely in Germany and Australia.

Jugger became popular in Germany, especially for teams at colleges and universities, with their own leagues. And a number of other versions of this sport were played in the US. The international version refers to this sport as "Sport Jugger", while others use models that resemble the film version. And this they call "Wasteland Jugger."

The international tournament tournament was first held in Hamburg, Germany on May 20, 2007. Between the Irish team of Setanta and a number of North German teams. In 2008, Australia and Ireland went to Germany to join the first German Open, making it the first tournament that involved two continents.

In the Movie

He referred to as "The Game" Sports with a background in human life after the destruction of society. The team that wanders pitted for the struggle for food and other necessities of life, continues to make sure they are strong enough to join "The League". Such a top caste, it contains veteran jugger, which is commonly found in post-apocalyptic fantasy communities.

Team composition and gameplay

  • One "qwik": The player does not use weapons, only he is the only one who can hold the skull with his hand.
  • One chain: players who carry chain-type weapons can only be one person.
  • Three enforcers: Armed with melee of their own choice. Can handle the skull with only the weapon.
  • Three reserves

Rules for playing are different for each country, and community, but gameplay is generally quite simple. The team worked together to score the opposing team's "mound" goal by fighting dog skulls. Armed members must be able to protect their qwik, because only qwik can make goals, and at the same time ensure that qwik opponents don't move.

Equip essential

  • Dog skull: a ball contested by both teams to be entered into the goal by the qwik hand. In movies, using a dog's skull, maybe because they don't have the technology to make a ball, and make the post-apocalyptic nuances even more palpable. Oh yes, in the film the main source of meat is dogs, so it's eaten to eat. In sport jugger, use solid foam formed to fit the dog's skull. Because it can be controversial, if you use a real skull.
  • Mounds: The goal, which most countries use is a kind of pyramid that is cut off and hollowed out, where to enter the skull.
  • Weapons: All types commonly found in Live Action RPGs. Usually sword / mace, staff, shield. Regulations regarding the use of weapons in games vary in each country

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