Do you want to create your own blog? Considering WordPress, Wix, Blogger and other platforms? You will have to buy domains, hostings, design your site, promote it, study SEO and so on. And then you will start thinking about monetizing it, but most likely you will fail. I suggest a simple, modern and straightforward solution — create your blog on Scorum. Scorum is a sports blogging platform that rewards content writers.

What are the advantages of creating a blog on Scorum?

1.You don’t have to think about promoting your sports blog — Scorum will do that for you. Interesting articles always get to the main page where all users can see them

2.You don’t have to buy (and regularly pay for) a domain, hosting and other services, which usually take away your time and effort.

3.Every author earns from upvotes for their articles. Scorum says ‘no’ to meaningless likes on social media. On Scorum each like under your article brings you income.

4.Registration is super easy: verify your email account and start making money.

5.You earn not only from your articles, but also from commenting under other publications. Each like for your comment means money on your account.

6.Post creation is simple: no need to worry about layouts and overall style. Write the text, upload images and press ‘Publish’!

7.Your content is perfectly safe. It’s kept in Scorum blockchain and no one can violate it.