I've played Magic: The Gathering since 1993, when there was no such thing as a Planeswalker, you had to possess some basic math skills because there was still mana burn, and pretty much everyone I knew had play-sets of the Power 9.

By 2002 I had around 40 thousand cards. I have no idea what they were worth, but in April of that year I was charged with a felony for a crime I didn't commit, and spent 31 days in the county jail before the prosecutor was forced to admit the so-called victim had lied.

Now all my MtG cards were in a storage unit at the time. I wasn't able to pay the bill from a jail cell, and my hypocritical "good Christian" siblings were so convinced I was guilty that they refused to pay it for me even as a loan. There were also some 400 years of my family's possessions in that storage unit, but I guess spiting me to maintain the delusion that I'm some kind of sinner in their (arrogant/ignorant) eyes was more important. The storage unit was auctioned for $612 the day after I was released from the jail on a bond. I was there, begging everyone to not bid on my entire life, but they got a pretty good deal considering there was a Rowe sofa-bed and an original Picasso charcoal sketch in there too.

So I started over. Vampires aren't necessarily the most powerful MtG decks, as many of them have high casting costs which doesn't work well in most sanctioned formats. But they suit my play style, they have great synergy, and I haven't played competitively for almost 20 years.

My main deck is white & black and much of the sideboard is red. I'm still adding to it, but the main part is pretty much finished. These are the ones I still want, mostly just to collect them.


My sleeves are dark and full of terrors


So before anyone tells me I should play this card or that card, make sure you also consider what I should remove. Because unless I'm playing multi-player and/or against a mill deck, I want it to be no more than 61 cards in my library.