This summer I was fortunate enough to meet at the half marathon in Kovel. So I decided not to change course and congratulate autumn, also an interesting running start.

This time I decided to look at a short distance of 10 km, the main condition - the city of the event should not have been previously visited by me and was quite close. I chose Chervonograd and its "Chervonograd Ten".


Registration for the "Chervonograd Ten" race takes place at The registration itself was standard. Fill in the form with your details, pay the starting fee and then the participant will be assigned a starting number.


I decided to get from Kiev to Chervonograd by train 142P (Bakhmut - Lviv) - the only direct train to Chervonograd. I think it is hardly necessary to say something about it, as well as to compare the rolling stock of "Ukrzaliznytsia", the Polish "Intercity PKP" or the Dutch "Nederlandse Spoorwegen". But if you want to know how the officials of this company treat their clients, you definitely need to use the services of "Ukrzaliznytsya" - the appearance and condition of most trains is hardly suitable for transportation of people. But this is more true of our officials, who "respect" their citizens and continue to carry people in those wagons.

Usually acquaintance with each new city begins with the train station. This time it is the Chervonograd railway station, which, oddly enough, I managed to tread in 13 hours in a car-bath. The train station had a rather modern and unusual appearance, and the main thing was quite clean.


The starter packs were scheduled to be issued at 7 o'clock and the start at 9 o'clock on Viche Square. After spending a little time at the train station, I headed to the starting town, exploring the city and its streets.

The architecture looks interesting: lots of 2-, 3- and 5-story houses. In my head at once there was a comparison with the Polish Walbrzych, as both cities are mining towns. But there is one significant difference - Walbrzych wants to preserve its architecture, while in Chervonograd it is destroyed. In Chervonograd, on the houses of the 50s of the construction it is possible to find balconies lined with clapboard, and sometimes even in general they have grown several times from their original size. Yes, Chervonograd is a Ukrainian city, and the renovation of old houses is very common to us - nobody particularly cares about the authenticity of such houses.

Well, let's get back to running. Its route is completely asphalted and runs around the city in one circle. The start and finish line were located on Viche Square.

An interesting feature - there were pacemakers on the run. For myself, I decided to try to run the circle for 40 minutes. The closer to the start, the more the area became livelier, the more runners preparing for the start of the test appeared on it.

At 9 o'clock the start of the "Chervonograd Ten". I tried to hold on to the playmaker for 40 minutes, but for a long time I could not hold out: after 4 km, I started to fall short. After 5 km, there were thoughts in my mind that I had overestimated my strength. It was frustrating, but the race, however steep, continued, and its result for 10 km still wanted a little improvement. So the last kilometers I tried to somehow achieve this. As the results of crossing the finish line showed, I still managed to snatch a few minutes.

After the finish, the participants waited for a rather tasty soup and tea, as well as a cold shower from the local rescuers, which was very appropriate.

It took a long time for the train, so I started to find out what was still interesting in Chervonograd. Knowledgeable Google came to the rescue and advised me to visit the local palace. Breathing in a jog, I headed for the palace. The first impression, quite frankly, cannot be called cheerful: its appearance reminds one more of the neglected historical monument of architecture, which is quite numerous in Ukraine. But then it turned out to be not so bad.

It turned out that there was a museum in the palace where I signed up for the excursion. In the middle everything looked very nice and well maintained, the guide introduced me to the history of the palace, the city and its owners. The main collection of the museum consists of exhibits related to the history of the city and the founders of the city and the palace of the Potocki family.


"Chervonograd Ten" made good impressions. There was a well thought out organization and an interesting route. Although I did not want it, I still managed to improve my result a little over a distance of 10 km. Just as during the "Kovel Half Marathon", the police pleased with their work: the running route was completely blocked.

The city itself is clean and pretty, and the presence of two cathedrals and a palace give it a charm to visit.