Hello everyone!!

Today i had finally become a pro in Scorum which is really happy moment for me. I joined this platform only seven months ago when i was 16 years and my journey was beautiful in this platform. Till now the journey of my Scorum is brilliant. I joined this platform and start posting and i was supported by everyone in this platform. But due to my exams and study i had to leave this platform and every platform that i work. But after returning, i got support and love of everyone in Scorum than any other platform. Scorum is brilliant platform that i really enjoy posting about sports. Before staring Scorum i never watched many sports matches, only some matches of football or cricket if i got bored but now if i see an interesting match, i definitely watch it.

Socrum had really increased my knowledge on sports and betting too. I really enjoyed being here and everyone here in this platform is supportive and friendly. And after a long of predicting scores of matches, i also finally got a prediction right and won 10 Scorum coin which was really amazing. And my prediction is after two year scorum coin value will be $2. We can do it. By this post i wanted to thank everyone in this platform who supported me. Thank you everyone.

Thanks for supporting me and being with me in this beautiful journey.

Be happy and enjoy life.