One of first thing which came in my mind when I thought of joining which is ' What is weku?' . As I have been running different cryptocurrency like steemit, gear, dream real and many others things . There were many platforms that I joined and only some of they were good which I had mentioned.. When my sister told me about that there is a new platform which you may enjoy. I joined it without any questions because I loved to meet people and share my blog. When I saw format of the weku for the first time it looked similar to steemit so I knew many thing so it was not hard for me to run it. Weku is a cryptocurrency but it more than that for because here people are really good and they don't think about themselves only but others too and environmental around here is really good.

And just another months it token are going to release so join fast and if you join you will get 100 power.Join through this link :

I have learned a lot from weku like

  • Most important patience
  • Hard work
  • Creativity
  • Be yourself
  • Never go demotivated
  • Dedication 
  • And believe in yourself
  • Also participated in the contest

Hope you like it.

Thanks for reading.This just promotion act