At the time of writing bitcoin price is $7,954.58 which down by 1.75% and today's highest price is 8138$ and the lowest is 7902$ so we can see the difference between the highest and lowest price is 226$ so far. So if today someone buy has to buy bitcoin at the lowest price of today and sold at highest price then he has a profit of 226$. If you traded today then congratulation.

If we look at dominence then we can see that it is gradually decreasing and now it is 66.2% that was about 70% at the start of September 2019.

Total market cap of bitcoin has reached $143,176,368,142 (17,999,200 BTC) and 24 hours volume is $15,153,858,393(1,909,519 BTC) and circulating suppy is now 17,999,200 BTC. Highest volume on single exchange is on bitforex exchange where it is 3.10%.

The approximate return on investment if purchased at the time of launch (or earliest known price) is now 5,779.99%.

Today the price chart is here.

Today Bitcoin Ups and Downs And Statistics