Hello Friends, In this article i am going to show you power of comment with practical experiment that i did tomorrow .In this post I only do calculations of commenting on Original Post and I will do calculations that how much you can earn by just comments with creating any content .I you creat content then I pretty sure it will increase your daily earning 100%.

I have already write a article about power of comment about one month ago you can read this post here. where I have discussed power of comments.


Now let's start with my personal experiment yesterday I decide to check how much we can earn from uptrennd by just comment so for this when i woke up yesterday at 7 am i check my account blance was 2494 1UP and I started commenting on OC post for next 24 hours post and after 24 hours my account balance become 2786 1UP .

SO, total I earn 294 1UP by just commenting on Original Post.


Yesterday I made one post where I got 19 upvote and my level is-16 so i earning 2.5 1up for one post so for this post.

19×2.5=47.5 1UP

So let's minus these 1up to get actual comment calculations.


294-48=246 1UP

One Day Earning By Just Comment:

At the time when I'm writing this the value of one 1UP coin is 0.022$


246× 0.021 =5.166$

One Month Earning By Just Comment:

Now If we calculate one month earning of just comments then

One day earning× 30


One Year Earning By Just Comment:

So in year if we do only comment on Uptrennd then we can calculate 1 year earning as follows.

1 year earning ×12 =


Important :

These are only calculations of comment on original post If you comment all post then you can earn 3x more ...

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Thanks for reading