Diego Cusano is an Italy-based artist who calls himself a “Fantasy Researcher” and explores the line between imagination and reality. Using his limitless creativity, this artist is able to turn ordinary objects into unexpected illustrations that let us see those simple everyday items from a new perspective.

"I started watching things from a different point of view, and from this new approach, I started creating the illustrations that, since then, I’m publishing each day on the social networks," Diego writes on his Facebook page. "Objects change their native function through the graphic to a new, different, unpredictable function. I always try to "re-invent" myself. I would like to give smiles when people look at my works.”

The beauty of Diego’s works is that unexpected twist that he gives to those things we usually see as casual – he turns a banana into a giraffe, a cup of coffee suddenly becomes a planet, a head of garlic becomes a duck. Still don’t see how it’d work? Scroll down and witness it for yourself!