DOGE may have emerged as a joke, but is still among the largest mining assets available, with the number of transactions and market capitalization. The price of DOGE has gained an upward trend in the last few days.

At the moment, DOGE, which ranks 23rd among the biggest crypto-denominated currencies, has appreciated 42% in the last 24 hours. Looking at the last week, it is possible to see that DOGE is worth about 80 percent.

The biggest factor behind this rise in DOGE is Tether. According to the data obtained from CryptoCompare, the DOGE / USDT pair has increased its share from 31% to 34% since the end of the year. The price of DOGE, which was 36 Satoshi a week ago, climbed to 61 Satoshi today.

It can be said that the price increase in DOGE is driven by DOGE / USDT couple in which dominates 32.13% of digital currency's transaction volume. After, Poloniex and Bittrex have a share of about 25 percent in total.