I think, it's time for her to say a big thank you and that I love her, for everything she has done for me, and I promise her not to waste. Made sacrifices for me many to be well happy you, make us laugh and let's whine after!! We know how you get crazy for us!! We love you so much!

Happy birthday grumpy my granny..

i'm happy so sharing my feeling on with my scorum community i have no idea you all will like my today scorum photo, celebration or not but, i am happy so i did share with you all.

she is granny , we both love with each other, and but i'm celebrating her beautiful day of life. every person has feeling , i'm also have feeling, feeling of humanity, feeling for friends. 

my all family today happy, my brother, and also granny,, grumpy my granny,, my pray you have alwasy good life, good  community life.