Epic Funny Call Of Duty Clips And Gameplay Plus My Comeback

Satisfying amazing Warzone and Black Ops Zombies.

My return plus Zombies and ideas with fan concepts.

A new video featuring gaming compilations.

Another video with some blog post.


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The Main Content Section Of This Post

0:00 - RETURNS

Hello World, Hello Viewers!

I am back but maybe not and I am as always here with some new and relatively random content.

Feel free to enjoy or don’t but I hope that this video with some new footage and a compilation will be enjoyable.


I have not posted since some longer time and I am posting this because I was ready to do some new stuff but now I have some work to do again.

I am basically saying that I have some reasons why I might not be able to post very soon again so I hope that you can still watch my content and send some feedback.

5:00 - POSTS

I will use this post to announce that I will try to do my very best to post less braindead and more consumable content in the future while still keeping the weird signature style of my videos and posts in some scenes and chapters.

As always just because I like.


It would be very helpful if you, Dear reader, could give me some feedback if you are interested in some higher quality and longer blog parts of my posts.

I need some feedback just for the sake of making better content obviously.

15:00 - GAMEPLAY

The video parts of many of my posts contain gaming footage too.

This post also contains gameplays and even some compilations.

20:00 - FUTURE

In the future I will return, I don’t know when and I don’t know how.

I don’t know if I can return soon or later in the Future and I would love to scale this to reasonable levels and show more of my passions while making some potentially mildly amusing content too.

I’ll be back, I will return, I will rise, I guess at least!

Yours Sincerely,


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