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The Ancient Gods Ending Story Sequel

All features to make Doom even better.

Doom Eternal Two needs these things.

What the Doom Eternal Sequel needs.

Bethesda Doom franchise feature request wishlist.


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Hello World, Hello Viewers!

After the release of the probably last Dlc for Doom Eternal I thought that it might make sense to just upload a little, actually long, wishlist with ideas and things that might make sense to be in a Doom Eternal sequel.

Maybe someone sees this and takes some inspiration from it for their own games or maybe someone just likes the immensely insane B-roll.


The new features and functions of the Dlc’s are of course epic and I think they must also be in the next official mainline Doom game.

Doom Eternal 2 or however it might be called, will for sure be epic!


Future Doom games will be cool I guess but the question is when they will be released and what features they will have.

I can only give some suggestions of stuff that might end up actually being in such a game.


Bethesda likes to exist I guess, so it would be epic to not screw anything up when creating another epic Doom game.

I’d love to see more future Dlc’s for the current Doom Eternal game.


Doom Eternal sequels might be called something like Doom 6 or as I’d like to call it “Doom 666”.

Just for no reason.

Let me know your suggestions of possible names and drop as always some likes and stuff or don’t.


Doom is epic and we all know it is Eternal but is it Infinite?

I guess Doom is forever and infinite.

Eat some demon cakes and rip and tear until the next Doom game is out.

Then just keep Ripping and tearing.

But don’t kill the Cacodemon!

Yours Sincerely,


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