How To Do Youtube Or The Best Tricks And My Story

The best things I have to say about my Youtube journey so far.

What happens when I syndicate my content to over fifty sites.

Why I share my own content on sites like Cocoscope.

New video hosting Youtube alternatives I use.


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The Main Content Section Of This Post

0:00 - MYSTORY

Hello World, Hello Viewers!

Over half a year ago I started filling up all of my sites and networks with my content.

I uploaded my videos to Youtube and started sharing and hosting them on many alternative pages too.

I wanted the best chance of getting feedback and reaching other people that would not find my content if it was just on Youtube alone.

These lines are my introduction to this post.


Usually I make weird and arguably funny videos and strange hopefully humorous blog posts but today I will focus more on getting some information out there on the internet.

Everybody can of course watch my latest video which is more of an entertainment video with some infos where I roughly explain what I was and still am doing here in the public web but this blog post will be primary focused on giving the information people might like.

If someone is interested in a mostly consistently updated list of Youtube alternatives an amazing blogs, often with focus on crypto-technology, people can check out the “FOLLOW” section of my blogs.

I have basically one of the longest lists of pages there that someone can make.

It is also updated when I get a substantial amount of new pages.


I mentioned Cocoscope in my video but I share my content to over fifty sites and video hosting platforms like Youtube and blogs for hosting text posts and embedding videos.

I prefer to embed videos if I can so people get the experience of the blog post but also have the chance of clicking on the video to see my channel.

I hope if you are searching for new pages to get more views for free by just using your already existing content I could help you.


I am still trying to make my content better but currently I see that I am on the way to reaching some nice little milestones on some of these new pages.

I love to be an early adopter and I love to support new sites.

My channel secrets right now are mostly theories that will be confirmed or invalidated in the future.

I will for sure update my information and share it at some point.


If you are like me and you hate the word “hashtag” than you are at the right place so follow me and tag me in the comment section and post some hashtags on my Youtube-Channel.

I hope I get some watch-time and comments because the most help was and will always be the community.


When using my new pages on my journey of building this channel or video and blog post or short story and novel list, I met some very helpful and nice communities.

Thanks everyone there!

If you read this, you know I am referring to you…


Yours Sincerely,


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