Life is a marathon and not a sprint. I used to go the gym as part of my lifestyle and in fact got to the point people thought I was a trainer and on some evenings I'd wind up helping out with a few people who knew I was not qualified for that but needed someone to give them a hand. On a couple nights a week at my old gym they would have senior citizens and also some people doing physical therapy and it was a pleasure to be able to just show them around a bit and point them in the right direction. I've had some pretty gnarly injuries and at one point was told I'd need a knee replacement but that didn't happen. I instead learned to adapt and take amazing supplements and do some stretches that helped rebuild my knee although cart wheels are a thing of the past. Just because someone says you can't or aren't able to do something does not make it necessarily so.

Training Mode/ Axe time

Part of why I'm telling you this is that my self discipline and work ethic are on point but my exercise routine has fallen by the wayside with commitments and over extending with having to do tons of projects and moving.

In a round about way this made me reread and revisit the the code of Bushido. Bushido is akin to a set of morals or ethics that the Samurai used and it is as relevant today as it was when Samurais "were a thing". Honestly, Scorum and some of my friends on it are jump starting my motivation from being stuck in limbo from too much screen time. I am thankful for that in a big way. I take nothing for granted anymore especially physical wellness and positive energy. Sometimes you must walk away from unhealthy habits and people and lifestyles that are anything but constructive.

Saumurai Women/ Courtesy of Medium

I have a distinct feeling that this platform is going to be transformative for me. It is making me go through photos from less than a year ago and realize it is time to reclaim and practice the Bushido Principles. In both competitive sports and training it is crucial to maintain that much sought after balance betweeen competition, ethics and willpower. Here are the Seven Principles of, "The Way of the Warrior". This is the a very concise and short version of what they all in entail but perhaps it will reach out to someone reading this.

googleimages/bushido laws

I want to share a website that goes more into the history of the Samurai Way, which many Martial Arts in one form or another incorporate into their matches and the sport and art form. It takes skill to utilize your body as both the immovable object and the irresistible force. Even writing on here is a form of exercising self-discipline! Keeping ones eye on the ball and prize is both humbling and fulfilling and that is a beautiful thing. A more in depth look of the history and culture that the Samurai embodied. For any Martial Arts enthusiast it lays out timelines and the evolution of what some can argue has become an athletic "philosophy" for quite a few of us. Reading your posts on here is lighting a fire that is going to have me making a home gym/workout station so I can get back in the game. I hope you enjoyed this post and if so, then feel free to check out my prior ones...