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Hey Matt what are you doing on your date today?
We are going bowling.
Oh really? Are you going to let her win?
Hahaha, that is silly talk, of course not.

Hello Scorum friends!

Let me tell the tale of how I lose the girl of my dreams, because of a bowling game. Let’s go back in time to my college days up at BYU. The year was 2002. I was a senior for the second time. Hey don’t laugh; some of us took more then 4 years to complete college. I lived with two of my best friends and life was good. School was fun, dating was fun, not a care in the world. Oh, and get this, my university had its own bowling alley. Yes that is right, I know you are all jealous. Of course I had to take a bowling class as one of my PE credits, I mean that would just be plain wrong if I didn’t. I grew up loving to bowl, I was never that great at it, but it was sure fun. A couple of my friends and roommates were in the bowling class as well, which made it even more fun. One day our teacher told us about a Student bowling league on campus and suggested we should enter. At this time I was averaging around 165 during class, which wasn’t terrible, it is not a great average, but not terrible either. We thought why not, it would be great.

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The League started, and it was one of my favorite nights of the week. The only thing is, I always cracked under pressure. My average during the league was only 135. My teammates were not very happy with me. If I had managed to average what I did in class, our team would have probably won the league. Oh well such is life right?

So what else do you get when you mix a bowling alley with a college campus? Well you get a perfect place to go on dates. Bowling was always a good choice for a date whether in a group or just you and your date. I had definitely made use of that bowling alley for dates before, one of my go-to places.

Okay now that the background is set, let’s get into the meat of the story. I found myself at the rock climbing gym one evening, a regular occurrence that year. If I wasn’t at school or studying you could probably find me at the climbing gym. I noticed a rather good-looking girl with a guy; I assumed he was her date, climbing at the gym. I could tell he really didn’t know what he was doing, and she was kind of bored. So when he left to go use the restroom I took it upon myself to go talk to the girl, sneaky I know. We chatted a bit, I showed her a few things, and then asked if she wanted to come climb with me sometime. She smiled and said yes. I then got her number. All this happened while her date was in the restroom. Snooze you lose, pal.

Get on with it.

Okay okay, what does this have to do with bowling? Patience, I am getting there. The night came that I would take her climbing. She was looking good in her climbing outfit. We had an enjoyable evening at the gym; I was smitten, yes smitten. Do people even use that term anymore? The date went really well, she gave me a nice long tight hug at the end of the night, and mentioned that she would like to go out again sometime. Of course I said that would be awesome.

The next week I invited her over to my apartment, where we were doing a group date barbecue and game night. Food, games, and friends made up for a great evening. My date was having a good time, very flirty, which was a great sign. I took her home and we shared another nice long hug, maybe even a kiss on the cheek. I can’t remember. We decided to do something again together, which of course I was in favor of. This girl was awesome.

This girl likes you. Don’t blow it.

What would we do next on our third date? That was the exact question my roommate asked me. Bowling. I like bowling. She said she liked bowling, so that is what we are going to do.

Are you going to let her win? My roommate asked.
No that is just silly, why would I do that?
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I picked my date up, the girl of my dreams, and took her to the bowling alley. I reserved a lane; we got our shoes, and found the perfect bowling balls. Our first game I bowled around a 130 and she bowled a 95, or something like that. I was a little annoyed that I was cracking under the pressure of her being there. I had to show off my bowling skills, and a 130 would not cut it! I stared down the lane, eyed the pins, “Yeah I am looking at you.” And started the next game. I was a machine. Spare, spare, strike, strike, spare, and then it happened, I managed 5 strikes in a row. I don’t remember the exact sequence of each round, but when the game was finished I bowled the best game of my life and got a 205. My date got an 85 that game. I was ecstatic. My date and future wife, in my eyes, seemed to be happy for me as well.

On the way home from the date, she seemed a bit distant. I asked her if there was something wrong, and she said that everything was fine. At the doorstep there was a quick hug, and then she was in the apartment. Mmm, oh well, she is probably just tired. I got home and told my roommates about the game that I bowled. They of course asked how my date did.

You mean you didn’t let her win?

They were halfway joking…halfway.

The next day I was excited to call her again. I called and got her voicemail, so I left a message, something like, “I love you, want to marry you, lets have a million kids, but let me teach them how to bowl because you suck at it…” You know the usual kind of message. I am kidding. I left a normal message. She never called me back. I tried calling again, with no luck. She straight up ghosted me.

The moral of the story my friends…there are plenty of fish in the sea, and let your date win…

Well there you have it my friends, the time bowling cost me the girl of my dreams.

Do you have a similar dating story or funny dating story centered on sports? Let me know down in the comments.

You Scorum Friend,