Lance Armstrong

Professional sports breed corruption. The most deadly one, with “shotgun” type doping applied to the massive number of athletes. Now, Betman is going to burst your bubble of “healthy life style and goodness of professional sports”, so if you would rather take a blue pill, go over to the “Betting” section…

Don’t believe Betman. Go and see what the International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach, has to say. He recently admitted that the war on doping in sport might never be won. Why? Because of the nature of hierarchical matrix — the most corrupt are at the top!

Professional sports is a mafia domain. They take babies from the cradle and program them to be a “professional athletes”… promising them fantastic future, a shower of money, unbelievable fame… Somehow, they miss to mention that they won’t be able to acquire any decent education due to heavy training, or that “magic potion” necessary to bring them to the top, has a small price of cutting your balls off at the end of the line.

Programming athletes from the young age is working like a charm. Here is one top athlete that has got his balls cut off because of doping — and he would do it again!

As soon as you put a virus of competition into a kid, you have crippled his life for good. “Stimulants” are not a new idea by any means. Add a big money to the competition, and you have deadly combination. The guy who won the Olympic Marathon in 1904 (3:28:53) was drinking rat poison and brandy while running on the course — that was his idea of a performance enhancing drug! It is very interesting how the guy who told that story, was explaining better results with science progress, genetics, mindset…

…and forgot to mention spectacular “pharmaceutical” progress! How curious!?

Of course, if you have a kid with promising sports career, you may chose a confident doctor, who would never give a deadly drug to your kid, like for example Larry Nassar… OK, maybe not him, but some other by your choice, and you would have peace of mind, wouldn’t you?