Cycling is an activity that has a wide range of benefits for society. Friendly to the environment, a shape that does not create any smoke or sound. Make an important contribution to the solution of the clogged problems in our cities. These will indeed be in the economic benefit of man.

Bicycles are health. The bike invites us to enjoyable and healthy physical exhaust. Bicycle disease prevention: 4 hours per week. Even an hour a week is an important advantage. 

Regular cyclists get less sick. The experience of an American insurance company shows that if you exercise three times a week, your workday is reduced by 20% due to illness. These findings are also confirmed by the Swedish automobile manufacturer Saab - Scania. Those who do not exercise regularly feel an average of 30 days per year, while those who are physically active average only 8 days a year.

Moderate exercise provides many physical and mental benefits;
- Provides regulation of blood sugar, prevents it from rising,
- Reduces harmful cholesterol,
- Strengthens the immune system,
- strengthens the heart, muscles, bones and tendons,
- Reduce diabetes, bone fractures, cardiovascular complaints and cancer risk,
- Stress, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression are less likely to form mild forms.

Exercise should be regular in order to be useful. Bicycling during daily trips is a convenient way to do the exercise we need.

For the individual cyclist, for the employees, for the societies, cycling to work is important for health.

For all these reasons, bicycles should be supported and transport policies should be directed towards as many people as possible.

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