Representing the United States although born in Britain, Miles Chamley Watson is the epitome of style and flair when it comes to Olympic sport.

Watson is an athlete who strays from the norms of customary fencing in which beauty and grace are of the utmost; I personally find Miles' style most beautiful but he is incredibly unorthodox.

In watching the man fence you can see his disdain for static energy, he consistently moves in and out and strikes like lightning!

His ability to get the sabre around his opponents back and score points in such a way is absolutely brilliant.

It is never recommended for fencers to stray from orthodox movements and strikes as they are most proper to not get countered... the thing is that Watson embraces using counters to dazzle his opponents and land the kill blow when least expected.

If Miles had fenced 200 years ago, he may have been seen as the loser in most of his matches as his movements and winning strikes are invisible to the naked eye. His feet and slashes are so quick that only modern technology can truly decipher who landed first.

I've included a highlight video in which a few opponents even think they've claimed victory as Chamley Watson had completely bamboozled them.

Korea and Romania remain as two of the best two of the best mainstays in the world (for years now), and although Chamley Watson does struggle with the most pure of fencers, his style is what brings fans back.

Watching an athlete like Watson is much more likely to conform the casual viewer into an actual fan.

Fencing is one of the more unsung sports of the Olympics and world in general... definitely something worth getting into!