First and foremost, the beauty of blockchain technology is what helps to make Scorum the awesome place that it is. Transparency, and the free flow of uncensored data is what makes this place so special... but there are a few who would rather abuse the system rather than help it flourish.

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It is key to remember that this is a platform for the people, by the people. We are granted a piece of the stimulus and in turn we must produce QUALITY content. This is not a witch hunt nor is it meant to accost a single Scorum user, but to create an ideal platform, criteria must be met.

Sports blogging should be a fun past time, and Scorum's ease of access allows anyone to become their own author. With a growing user base, there will always be those who'd like to get rich quick and leave, but an ecosystem can't thrive when abused as such. Users must be aware that the transparency of Scorum is to effectively get rid of those who'd like to exploit the system, but that will not be tolerated.

Hot and Trending Should be "A+ Grade":

The Hot and Trending pages have looked incredible (at times) since the start of Scorum 20 days ago. This is the current Trending page, and everything looks great overall but there is minutiae to nitpick at. Things such as uncapitalized titles should be seen as somewhat unacceptable, especially when there are incredibly long titles that seem more like sentences than anything else. A good title is at times the hardest part of the blog, but it's also one of the most important! At times, there are lower quality posts with only a single picture and 3 lines of text, but that should be simply unnaceptable to the public user base. As a Scorum user, you have the ability to flag low quality and upvote high quality; Scorum's utilization of the blockchain allows the power to be in the hands of the people, and one shouldn't be frightened to exercise that right.

Responsibility of Whales:

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As a user of Scorum, I along with many here are indebted to the team and the investors who lifted this project off the ground. There are many great people on this platform who have shown themselves to be very giving, but there are also those whom seem to abuse their voting power due to the Scorum Power (SP) they hold.

It is crucial to know that quality work deserves an upvote just as terrible quality work deserves a flag. As whales, you control the influence of the platform in its early phases which in retrospect will appear as the best time to eradicate the site's abusers. Self upvoting comments or colluding with multiple accounts is unnacceptable, and it will only result in the de-evolution of the blockchain. Whales have an obligation to themselves and the platform to create a well oiled machine that attracts the masses, and is know for its quality rather than its 'trolls'.

Grammar, Capitalization, and Basic Priniciples of Writing:

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There are many valuable posts on Scorum, most of which have enticing titles and an interesting cover photo to get the reader interested. These kind of posts instantly get my attention and depending on the length and quality of the post, I shoot over an upvote. On the other side of the fence, there are articles that unfortunately possess strange and non-sensical titles with lower cased opening words and grainy images. A grammatically incorrect title with lower cases is an instant red flag, and although these posts may do well in the shallow end of Scorum's infancy, it won't last. 

Many posts that encourage improving the quality of Scorum articles altogether possess an immense amount of errors themselves. Proofreading is a big part of blogging and article writing, but only a few seem to actually do so. It is honestly hard for me to upvote a solid piece of work with errors throughout, because that is just laziness. Most anyone can write down their thoughts, but it's cohesion and mastery of language that deserves praise. 

Using larger, higher resoultion images throughout an article will keep the reader ingrained... and detailed descriptions are a must when hoping to really excel your place on this platform. Proofreading is a necessity and should be done at least once before submission; mistakes are a stumbling block and could be the difference between a whale's interest, vote, and follow... and a simple skim and pass.

These three elements are key when developing quality for the platform:

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-Attractive Titles

-Enticing Subject Matter

-Crisp Use of Language

-At Least 400-500 Words of Text

One Last Note: 

The most important thing here is consistency. Putting out quality work once a day or a few times a week is much better than flooding the blockchain with a few average articles per day. Remember to source your images, and add at least 3 to 4 lines of text per image used. It truly is up to the community at the end of the day, and we have an obligation to ensure quality and thrive off of each other. There are measures being taken to improve quality and damage the 'trolls', but make a first step yourself as a Scorum user and blogger. Use your influence for the greater good... 

...and thanks for reading!