Hello friends

You know that in the last 1 month I have started to have 1220 sp power. With the power of this sp, I tried to help you with the support of valuable authors. Every day between 5-10 articles I tried to vote for different authors.

I brought 100 people in my discord group from Steemit to Scorum. On this site they all blog authors.

Articles I Support -12/07/2018

Articles I Support -10/07/2018

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Articles I Support -10/04/2018

Destek Verdiğim Yazılar - 27/09/2018

Destek Verdiğim Yazılar - 25/09/2018

Destek Verdiğim Yazılar - 24/09/2018

Destek Verdiğim Yazılar - 22/09/2018

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Destek Verdiğim Yazılar - 20/09/2018

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In the picture above, there are only a few of my work. I"ve done a lot of things in this process. Some of them;

  • I voted for a lot of people.
  • I have taught the site to new users.
  • I taught they how to write quality articles.
  • I taught they how the system is progressing.
  • I joined Scorum Turkey discord group. I took the role of manager in this group. We organized various activities with my manager friends(@canan, @trcoach) here. Discord 


1-) More users.

2-) More voting power.

3-) Supporting beautiful writing.

4-) High quality and high prize competition.

5-) Friendly atmosphere.

Thank you for reading my writing. See you Everyone :)