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My view is to introduce old passed folk games to the community

I have made an intention to write about folk games which actually played in the past as a part game as well as enjoyment. These were really joyful. Now a days people are passing their days with technology. But in the past these antique games were only place to enjoyment. Today I am telling about "Gulikhela" গুলিখেলা which is the meaning of English word of "Game of Marbles"

How to play:

Here is the method how to play the game as follow:

Gulikhela (game of marbles) Probably played in all countries, the game uses small glass balls or marbles as the playing objects. Marbles were first imported during the British regime. Previous to British rule, earthen balls were used in the game. In rural areas, boys play with earthen balls even these days.

Two or more boys play the game standing along a line nine to ten feet from a hole in the ground. The player whose turn it is takes everyone’s marbles and throws them towards the hole. He gets the marbles he is able to roll into the hole.He then tries to hit the other marbles one by one with his own marble.If he succeeds, he owns that marble as well. If he fails, or if he touches the other marbles, he has to give away one marble in punishment. He also loses his turn to the next player.

This was my favorite game which I played in my childhood with other classmates, though it was a game of male children only. I enjoyed myself to play this game.

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