There are many ways to make your Instagram accounts more popular. Now people can make money through social media. For example, I have set up an instagram account to market Stock Photos abroad and the rule did not last approximately 10 days, I will share the screen images that I received without advertising.

when I first started, my profile visit reached 35,000 people and my posts received crazy interaction. The important thing is the content you choose and the methods you use to interact. There are multiple methods. Discovering a few examples of these. Exploring videos photos are so easy to get back to as organic as it is necessary to do so! Then the comments on the big pages are very important to do this by working as a course. Good analysis, some methods to ensure that the followers of large pages follow you. I'm going to share a few more pictures down here.

I can get $ 20 ads on my page, sometimes $ 10 a day, sometimes $ 5 a base, because of my tactics and my interactions.

You can see the profile visit and the tracker. Yesterday my profile visit was over 51 Grand. I will try to translate them all into site traffic soon instagramda always have a bread door definitely I would recommend to everyone finally I'll show you the interactions of a video that you've discovered :)

I worked as a digital marketing manager in many major companies in Turkey. These tactics have always worked very well in front accounts there. It's always easy to be a phenomenon, to be popular and to make money in a place where the internet is. Of course now I can not write every tactic here :) I will share some of them by telling them about the tracks.

Let's look at the final picture and 24 thousand or even 25 thousand views have taken. 13 thousand of them came from the discovery and 2539 people from the subject tags. In other words, there are a number of things that you can do to make sure that you understand what you are trying to do and what you are trying to do. It's so interesting that sometimes it takes up to 300 records. :)

If you look in Turkey in this way my own personal account with a lot of boutique sales yaptırmaktayım. I mean, that tastes great, man!

I'll help if you want to get support by contacting your social media account via @cckaya53. I will also speed up the sharing of these tactics as much as I have the support of the assembly. Good reading :)