I love sport and I tried a lot of kinds of sports in my life.

I started with soccer, then I played basketball.

I even tried kung fu and that was really fun.

I trained to swim as well.

I worked out.

I walk a lot in my life.

I love cycling as well.

I don't consider check as a sport, but I like to play check as well.

I think any kind of competition is a kind of sport for me.

I like scurum because I'm already a content creator in steem for more than 2 years.

Since we have now a new platform on steem for sports that's called sportstalksocial, I will create content about sport as well and share that here.

Thanks to @shaungerow who introduced me to scorum.

If you are interested to see some of my content, follow me here : https://www.sportstalksocial.com/@clixmoney

You can also take a look at my best video about sport here :

I will do my best to grow and improve in this platform as well and to be valuable for it. ☺