Hello! Today we will talk about the various benefits of the DCI ecosystem (Tokenization) for small & medium businesses.

It’s a Democratic, Distributed And Open Ecosystem that provides a Turnkey Solution to individuals and businesses to manage their investment portfolio, raise capital and select products or service to support and simplify user experiences during their entire lifecycle by leveraging Blockchain Technology.

Tokenization is a very innovative function that allows investors to transform a real asset into a token with immediate market-making service.

The biggest advantage of the DCI Tokenization Service for SMEs is liquidity. Physical assets such as real estate, gold, oil, and stocks are not easy to transfer or sell with instant liquidity. Digital or Tokenized forms of these assets are, however, easy to sell and transfer.

It improves security in the trading of valuable real assets and removes the need to physically carry assets in order to sell.

Tokenization has many advantages for small & medium-sized businesses, such as:

✔️ Improved security;

✔️ Reduced workload;

✔️ Faster processing;

✔️ Saves time;

✔️ PCI compliance;

✔️ Increased Liquidity;

✔️ Quick investment from worldwide investors;

✔️ Suitable for a variety of industries;

✔️ Global payment compatibility.

The DCI Ecosystem gives businesses the ability to register, create a profile, manage dashboard and request the tokenization of business equities or debt financing and more.

Security Tokenization of Real Assets — Ability for tokenizing any real asset classes, such as real estate, company equities as well as the ability to tokenize debt financing and create even more complex financial instruments.

Tokenising a fund does not change the underlying financial product itself, this is still a fund, where a pool of money managed by a person (fund manager) or organisation to create additional future value.

Tokenization offers additional advantage regarding operational “freedom” due to the light regulatory environment compared to the traditional share model.