Since many of you aren’t aware of blockchain properly, then it is known as distributed (decentralized) ledger technology that allows peer-to-peer transactions. It can be utilized in numerous firms, including e-commerce.

Blockchain basically, enables people to trade directly with each other, while eliminating the requirement for and cost of middlemen. Also, the blockchain can be termed as a network by which people can easily practice virtual transactions such as payments, money transfers, and more.

Those transactions are verified and processed through programmable smart contracts regardless of the requirement for mediators. The transactions similar to this are safe, fast, and private. Additionally, there would be more taken care of blockchain transactions and records have been practiced. The records will be kept encrypted and stored in a distributed public ledger so that cannot tamper with anyone and are inflexible.

How Does Blockchain Experiment to Enhance the Experience of Shoppers?

The panKUKU is recommended as the best and likely the recent example of using the blockchain technology is to enhance the e-commerce organization and shopper’s experience.

What do you Understand About KUKU Shop?

KUKUShop is a next generation eCommerce platform backed by blockchain and cryptocurrency. It is one of the many products from PanKUKU that aims to improve the user experience with cryptocurrencies. It is a fully featured eCommerce platform in the panKUKU ecosystem.

Here KUKU is a digital currency that provides access to an ecosystem of blockchain apps and products designed specifically for the benefit of the e-commerce market and to improve the shopping experience. These include Kuku Wallet-based digital payment system, Kuku Swap, Farm, Pool, Lottery, NFT Marketplace, and others.

Through the innovative use of blockchain technology and a powerful digital payment system backed by the KUKU token, the KUKU Shop aims to enhance the user experience and provide outstanding quality services to e-commerce users. Here’s how.

Advantages of KUKU SHOP

#1. Enhances Security -

Blockchain-based e-commerce platform transactions are safer and more invulnerable to cyberattacks. As all the records are encrypted and public, it will be quite difficult to infiltrate or manipulate transaction records on the blockchain. And thus, users can get secured to shop virtually with proper security.

#2. Instant transactions -

Under the blockchain, all the transactions are very instant and typically practiced in milliseconds. This aids in assuring that more transactions are executed each second and therefore, users can do more in no time.

#3. World wide access -

The blockchain incorporation allows PanKuKu to deliver its services to people across the world. It works primarily in the nations where people are going through with certain access to the internet and online shopping facilities.

#4. Saves cost -

With the self-regulating procedure along with streamlining, there are several e-commerce operations, panKUKU will assist you to lower the operating cost for eCommerce trades. However, the deducted cost of transactions will ahead deduct the amount of products/services for end customers.

#5. Upgrade Shopping Procedure -

In the ecosystem of panKUKU, mediators such as banks are removed in place of smart contracts. It is a program designed to self-execute based on the conditions underlying such as auto payments. This brings automated e-commerce transactions and makes the procedure more effortless.

#6. Better overall customer experience -

Here, blockchain aids to automate procedures lowers transaction costs, and provide fast and convenient options of payments to enhance the overall experience of e-commerce users. There would be one token for all the transactions under the ecosystem to ensure upgraded transparency and lower operating cost.

#7. Fast, low-cost payments -

Low-cost payments are one of the most recognized blockchain benefits which everyone knows. As there have been no mediators and also the fee per transaction is lowered in the blockchain. This is how the users get to save certain money and can use cryptocurrencies on KuKu Token to pay for their virtual orders of shopping.

KUKU Shop is a revolution in the eCommerce market. It will give a completely new dimension to it. By accepting cryptocurrency as a payment option and allowing a range of products KUKU Shop will provide an unmatched shopping experience to the world.

Additionally, As can be seen above, KUKU shops are bringing some great changes into the industry with blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrency, and the latest technology. That will surely improve every part of eCommerce from payment to shipping, and from user data privacy to product listing. KUKU Shop is a revolution and you can be a part of it just by signing up and holding KUKU tokens.

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