Internet-based education has been on trend for a couple of years now. Online education is convenient, flexible and affordable as compared to physical education in an institute. The latest development in the space of online education is the growing use of blockchain technology to make online learning more efficient, secure and credible. In this article, we discuss exactly how you can use blockchain to learn online and grow your career.

Blockchain in education: benefits

As a decentralized technology, blockchain can enable peer to peer exchange of education through the internet. In other words, it allows students to connect directly with teachers, schools & universities online anywhere in the world over a secure network and learn new skills with the flexibility of timing and convenient & secure payments with cryptocurrencies.

Affordable education

Blockchain can significantly reduce the cost of education by removing intermediaries and reducing the need for expensive physical resources, commuting, etc. At the same time, it reduces the need for education providers to invest heavily in physical infrastructure, buildings, etc., the benefit of which is passed on to students in the form of reduced fees.

Access to top global universities

Blockchain is a digital network that works globally and is not limited by regional boundaries. It can make quality education accessible & affordable for everyone, everywhere in the world. For instance, a person in India looking to get a diploma in IT from a European university can use blockchain to connect with the university and learn online.

Career-oriented courses & diplomas

There are some projects in the education sector that are using blockchain technology to make quality education accessible to everyone. The Green Uni Network is a good example. The project will enable students to learn career-oriented skills and receive Informatics & Computer Science diplomas from top European universities & schools without the need to go anywhere or spend huge on expensive college education.

How to secure your future by learning online with the Green Uni Network

One of the surest ways to secure your future and grow your career is to upgrade your skills or learn a course that is in demand. European diplomas are always in high demand and can fetch you a great salary from a top company anywhere in the world. With the Green Uni Network, you can get a European Diploma in Informatics and Computer Science from one of the top European universities, schools or colleges online without the need to ever leave your home and city. The use of blockchain technology ensures all education services are exchanged peer to peer between providers and students, with the networking ensuring high security of transactions.

The Green Uni Network is developing an ecosystem of eight interconnected platforms, including the Smart Student Platform, E-Library and the online bookstore of “E-unimag”, all of which allow access to affordable and high-quality online education, content and resources for students. The platforms of the Green Uni Network will utilize AI and blockchain to offer advanced features and capabilities for the benefit of learners and educators around the world. The native token – Greeny token – can be used for seamless payments across all platforms in the network and to get discounts and offers on services/products.