Every investment has a purpose, some are for their own goods and others are more focused on solving a particular issue or for the betterment of the world. Is Socially Responsible Investing a Responsible Investment Strategy to Follow? This question buzzes in people’s minds, especially investors, and in this article, we are talking about the same.

Socially responsible investing is one of the topics that has been in trend for a while. There is a large group in support and then there is another group in opposition. Critics of this type of investment allege that it will deviate from fortunate investments and will transform both businesses and the financial markets to function less efficiently.

Some industry experts argued that stock valuations should focus on the company’s financial value and profits, period and that socially responsible corporate expenses are almost always “non-essential expenses” that affect corporate and shareholder profits.

ESG Investing — the right thing to do

However, proponents of more socially conscious investing are making strong arguments to support ESG investing as “the right thing to do” and an investment approach that provides investors with the best possible risk-adjusted return on investment over the long term. ROI). The group is also a strong proponent of incorporating non-financial considerations, such as environmental and social factors, into stock price estimation.

Here ESG which stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance is an initiative that presents a report of a company in front of investors to choose a sustainable company for investment. Nowadays investors are considering some of the ESG criteria before choosing a company to invest in.

Investors consider it important to incorporate their values ​​and concerns in selecting an environmental investment, rather than considering the potential profitability and/or risk presented by the opportunity. However, for a while investors and experts were not in favour of the ESG investment, things are better now but it is still not perfect.

ESG investment advocates mourned a knock in 2020 when the U.S. Department of Labor issued a new ruling directing retirement plans to implement investment strategies based only on profit-focused investment performance — in essence, echoing the attitude of the critics’ group from above. Due to the new decision, retirement plan managers may be reluctant to consider companies that are ESG-focused or investment funds.

ESG initiative Getting the Pace

In the past, a company’s position in terms of ESG has often depended less on actual practices and more on the goodness of the company’s public relations department. However, the ESG initiative seems to be catching on in the last few years. Businesses such as Richmint DAO provide various blockchain-based services for companies that want to implement comprehensive ESG-friendly policies and practices.

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