POICoin ICO pre-sale is underway from May 30. The company is conducting this sale in two phases, and a total of 35,000,000 POIs are available in this sale. The First phase of Pre-Sale already started from May 30, 2021. 23:59 UTC and will end on June 13, 2021 23:59 UTC.

Whereas the second phase will begin from June 20, 2021. 23:59 UTC and will end on July 4, 2021 23:59 UTC. If you haven’t bought POIs in this ongoing ICO Pre-sale, then you are missing a tremendous opportunity to make good profit. In this article we are sharing some valid reasons to show you Why should you invest in POICoin?

What is POICoin?

POICOIN is an innovative project being developed in Africa. POI with Blockchain is trying to bring life to every region of the African and the global continent through its unique DApps, which features diverse benefits that are suitable for everyday life.

POICoin is on its way to revitalizing Africa's dying economy by putting blockchain in every mobile phone and becoming Africa's first coin in value exchange and empowerment. It will provide a blockchain environment with a value system that allows the economy to bring present blockchain compliant individuals/ businesses and new or non-blockchain users together through diverse systemic DAPPs powered by the same technology. These advanced DApps will serve as real-time practical solutions to real-life problems in Africa and beyond.

POI Tokens are decentralized, Ethereum blockchain-based digital currency created with the ERC20 standard for smart contracts, It will make transactions fast and will help you in saving by eliminating the intermediates.

The incorporation of the latest technology will put us in a better position to maintain our offering of extraordinary economic transformation in third world countries. We believe that our success will depend on deploying DApps that satisfy every member of the POI community in terms of acceptability, wide use-case, transaction speed, ease of use, efficient mobile interface.

It will enhance the economic and purchasing power of people in everyday life with an efficient mobile interface which will help in unlocking true value for businesses/entrepreneurs. With POI, we can change the lives of one big blockchain at a time in Africa and the world.

Reasons to Invest in PoiCoin

There are infinite reasons to invest in PoiCoin and we are listing some of them below.

1. Present Value

One of the major reason is the current value of POI. 1 POI costs only $0.10 for now and in the second phase it will be priced at $0.15, thus POI is currently available at probably the lowest price and soon the price increase at rocket pace. If you invested in it, you will make a huge profit in future thus don’t waste this valuable time and invest in it now.

2. It is the Africa’s first coin in Value Exchange and Empowerment

The tagline of POICoin is “Africa's first coin in value exchange and empowerment”. It is literally here to review the dying economy of Africa. And if something is trying at this larger level today or tomorrow, it will make room for itself and then you will need it. It is better to buy now at a lower cost than to buy at a higher price. By investing in it you are not only supporting the project but also empowering yourself.

3. Features that speak for themselves

By investing in POICoin you are gaining access to several attractive features some of them are Crypto wallet, DApps, Global Exchange, Payment Gateways, POS & Debit Cards, And a complete ecosystem. Over time, this ecosystem will become more advanced and robust, then you will get all the benefits of it as an investor or member.

4. Own Global Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where the holder of cryptocurrency can take part in trading (selling & buying) of their tokens. POI features an in-house exchange, and it works on some major crypto exchanges where they are listed. You will get lots of benefits with it including lower transaction free, more benefits, bonus, etc. So don’t waste your valuable time and invest in POI now!

5. Opportunities

Over 20 million users are using online payment systems currently in Nigeria alone. If the project successfully implemented its DApps with better features and low transaction fee, then it will attract all these 20 M users and also add more and more new users every day. With all these it will become a standard platform for trading, transactions, making payments, ecommerce, etc. By investing in it right now, you are getting early access to all the benefits and also future development.

6. No Intermediates

There are many reasons behind the collapse of the economy of Africa. One of the major reasons is the existence of intermediates in the system. In the traditional finance and business model, middlemen take a major part of the earnings or payment during the sales process. For expatriate Africans to send money back home, the cost of bank transfers is astronomical, but digital currencies can practically allow people to send money back to Africa for a tiny fee, or sometimes even free.

That’s it for today there are many benefits of investing in PoiCoin, especially to make good profit and being part of a developing ecosystem and growing platform. Investing in it is profitable for now and for the future thus without investing your valuable time to invest in PoiCoin today!

POICOIN official social media handles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/poicointoken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/poicointoken

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poicointoken/

Telegram: https://t.me/poicointokenfans

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