After the 10 curious, absurd and spectacular sports and the 7 curious, absurd and spectacular sports it's now time to see 7 more! Let's start this journey around the world to discover how far you can push human imagination regarding sports!

Giant Pumpkin Regatta

We are in the United States of America, Oregon, where the Annual West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta takes place, a very special regatta because instead of the classic boats, giant pumpkins are used that can reach up to 300 kg (661 lb). The biggest difficulty lies in being able to don't make them turn upside down, given their rounded shape this is very difficult for the participants. Similar races are also held in other world countries, such as in Germany, where this crazy race seems to have born from Ludwigsburg Lake near Stuttgart, but there the pumpkins only weigh 90 kg (198 lb).

Shin Kicking Championship

Let's now move to Britain, this sport was born in the seventeenth century, his goal is to be able to knock out the opponents at least twice during three rounds by kicking them in the shins. There is also a national league, participants are obliged to participate wearing straw padded pants and soft shoes. Despite being a well-known and acclaimed sport, players usually do not participate more than two tournaments in a row due to the huge pain that kicks cause. Originally shoes were not worn, in their place the participants used iron boots and to get their legs used to pain they "trained" by striking the shins with metal pieces.

Tough Guy Competition

And here we are, again in England, they are carried out both in Wolverhampton and in Perton (Staffordshire), those that are also known as "The world's hardest run", these run include a 10 km distance (6.2 miles) with obstacles like electrified fences, hay on fire, underwater tunnels and the "Stalag Escape", which requires athletes to crawl in the mud under a barbed net. Founded in 1987, their receipts go to charity.

Blind Football

This sport is also part of the Paralympic Games, the rules are like those of football and futsal, with the difference that players are forced to wear a bandage. In non-paralympic competitions you can play even if you are not a blind person, unlike normal soccer, they have a "guide" that lead the team behind the opponent's door and every half lasts 25 minutes, during which the actions run very fast since the field is surrounded by a wall.

Egg toss

The game consists of throwing an egg at your teammate trying not to break it. It starts from a minimum distance of one meter between the two components of the couple, every two throws the distance increases by one meter. The rules provides that each couple has an egg at their disposal, if this breaks within the first three throws, the couple will have the opportunity to use another egg, continuing from the distance it had arrived. If the egg should fall without breaking, it can be collected and used to try the shot again. Once the egg is broken, the distance reached by the couple will be measured.


In Holland in 2003 a sport was born that to train both the body and the mind whose rules are very simple: a chess round alternates with a boxing one in three-minute each one, they can win at the first knockout or the first Check mate.


We end our tour in Japan to get to know the Bo-taoshi, a sport in which the two teams fight each other for control of a pole, with the aim of being able to bring down the opponent's one, while defending its own. The teams are divided into attackers and defenders, at the beginning of the game each team is divided into two groups of equal numbers which will have an attack or defense role, the judge ring a bell and starts the game, at which time the attackers run in group towards the opposing position and the defenders must remain to protect their pole. The first team to bend the opponent's pole by at least 30 degrees or to drop it wins, this has an average height of three to five meters and is held up by the defenders. Players use mates and opponents as stairway in an attempt to reach the top of the pole, putting more weight on its top it goes down faster.

Here we are at the article's end, but stay tuned because I've already found other similar sports!

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