This part of an experiment in trying out different things for Scorum. I am going to try to create a sort of murder mystery, and I want you, the readers, to imagine the scenario as you read along. There will mostly be pictures of scenery, so I will let you use your imagination as to who would play who in this mystery. Since this is Scorum, you can imagine various athletes playing the roles that will be seen (or read) in the story. For example, you might imagine WWE's Vince McMahon as wealthy mansion owner or tennis's Maria Sharapova as some wealthy woman whose wealth is coveted by many. Hehehe, joking aside, I hope you enjoy our little mystery. I'll explain the fun part after I have set the background for our little mystery. All pictures shown here are from pxhere. This is kinda like the popular show Whodunit (NOT the show on ABC that we got recently, but rather a British show from the 70s hosted by Edward Woodward (The Equalizer) and later Jon Pertwee (Doctor Who)).

On the fifth day of April, Mr. Charles Roquefort, the wealthy owner of Roquefort Manor, invited many guests to his gigantic mansion for a dinner party. Of course, unlike most dinner parties he has hosted, this was rather special. Mr. Roquefort was a rather quiet man who never was one for great speeches or blatant displays of wealth. He had a great many friends, and was well liked by most people. Living in his mansion were his wonderful good lady wife Mrs. Emma Roquefort and their two grown offspring Brie and Edward. The dinner party was fabulous. Exquisite foods were laid out on the buffet booths while various vintages of wine were being served to the family and guests. It seemed like all was going well, until....

Mr. Roquefort stepped out of the party for a moment to enter his office. As minutes had gone by, guests were wondering where the host of the party had gone to. After 30 minutes, his wife decided to enter the office to see what happened. Just two minutes later, everyone heard a shout as Mrs. Roquefort screamed hysterically that her husband was dead!

After the police arrived on the scene, they found no signs of a wound on the body. Mr. Roquefort had not been shot, beaten, or stabbed anywhere in the body; and there was no trace of blood in his office either. There was, however, a piece of paper with a pen lying beside it that looked as it had been dropped instead of just put down on the desk. The paper only said the word E written on it, as if Mr. Roquefort was trying to name his killer....

Now here is the fun part; predicting who killed Mr. Roquefort. Since this is only an experiment, I will appreciate any feedback you can give. I am going to give you the suspects as well as a bit of a description along with what they were doing at the time of the murder. You must read each of these carefully before coming to a conclusion as to who the killer is. You may find a clue or two there. There are several facts to go on:

1. Mr. Roquefort was not killed via stabbing, shooting, or any form of assault. It is possible that Mr. Roquefort may either have been poisoned.

2. Mr. Roquefort was in his office alone at the time of his death, with no one else entering there until his wife came in only to discover the corpse.

3. The letter E appears on the paper on Mr. Roquefort's desk. He may have tried to either name his killer or maybe it was something else

And now, here are the suspects:

Emma Roquefort: Mr. Roquefort's good lady wife. Devoted ever since their marriage 33 years ago. Was at the party the entire time until she went to the office and ended up discovering her husband's corpse.

Brie Roquefort: The oldest of the two Roquefort offspring. Self-proclaimed socialite known to squander money. Left the party room two times prior to the discovery of her father's corpse. Both instances were at least 25 minutes apart, with her leaving the second time just a minute after her father went to his office.

Edward Roquefort: The son of Charles and Emma Roquefort; aspiring attorney attending law school. The pride and joy of the family. Was at the party room the whole time until his father's corpse was discovered. Was pacing around the party room several minutes after his father went to the office.

William E. Wainwright: A known medical doctor. Was sitting still at his table the entire time before and after Mr. Roquefort left the party. Appeared to be waiting for someone.

Alice Wainwright: Dr. Wainwright's wife, and on the verge of divorcing him. Left the party room before Mr. Roquefort did, and came back several minute before Mrs. Roquefort found him dead.

Albert A. Emerson: An expert in chemistry. Remained in the party room until Mr. Roquefort was found dead. Was seen pacing around nervously at least ten minutes after Mr. Roquefort left for his office.

Eileen Emerson: Albert's wife and a known neurotic. Left the party room at least ten times, with the last three times after Mr. Roquefort left for his office. Was drunk and hysterical just moments before Mr. Roquefort's body was found.

Now that I have laid out the suspects, here is the challenge: You must predict who killed Mr. Roquefort. Lay out how you think Mr. Roquefort was murdered, why he was murdered, and if there were any accomplices. A week after this post, I will pick the culprit and reveal it at the next post. Now, happy detective work!

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