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Guided Meditation: how to overcome the 5 fears of human existence and any type of anxiety

Let's do a meditation that I define reflective, which will make us think about our existence.

We will focus on five thoughts, which help us identify and look deeply into the seeds of our deepest fears. Fear is one of the great enemies of our existence. At least that's what we normally think. But we want to be special people, so we want to see them as opportunities for growth, rather than obstacles. Overcoming fears makes us free beings.

They are part of the journey of life, overcoming them means progressing more and more, on the path of inner awakening.

After this brief introduction, we can get to the heart of meditation.

You can close your eyes, or keep them open, as you like.

It is not necessary to stretch out.

You can also do this meditation while sitting.

Take a few breaths to relax.

Now silence your mind and pay attention only to my voice.

From now on, you are exclusively focused on my voice.

Don't get distracted and just think about what I tell you.

the thought itself is not a problem!

It is the attention you give to the content of the thought itself, which instead could be.

In modern society, we tend to think too much, and not be in control of our thoughts. Like an autopilot, our thinking brain, constantly murmuring, creates an uninterrupted inner hum, thoughts that can be dysfunctional and irrational that we are unable to control. At least apparently

It seems that it is not we who control our thoughts, but rather the thoughts that control us.

This can be frightening when, in particular, these thoughts touch and emphasize our innermost and deepest fears.

You begin to pay attention to the flow of thoughts and try to formulate a judgment or analyze what has just been thought.

This logical process often becomes a trap.

What happens when we pay attention to a thought?

Our analyzes and assumptions make thought more and more alive, we make it become something real, even if often a reality self-generated by our brain, and enhanced by our attention.

In this meditation we want to focus specifically on five of the deepest human fears. If you learn to detach yourself, thanks to this meditation, from the most atavistic and deep-rooted fears, then by applying the same meditation, you can also resolve all the other fears. Even minor fears can become a brake on our inner harmony and it is good to take care of them too.........................

If you want to practice meditation watch my video