The effect of news on our brain

Good news Versus bad news

Selecting the news, and the information we come in contact with every day, is a fundamental part in our search for harmony and happiness.

This is a very important concept, entirely scientific, and not as abstract as is often thought.

Neuroscience speaks of neuroplasticity, which consists in the ability of our brain to change itself, in response to external events, whether they are experiences, information received, or even simply imagined events.

This leads us to affirm that, if we choose positive situations and experiences, we will literally build positive neuronal connections, therefore a positive brain.

Conversely, if we decide to have negative experiences we will build a negative brain.

Neuroplasticity is a phenomenon that works regardless of whether we are aware of it or not.

Watching the news, especially the crime news, is the worst possible and imaginable in terms of information; <break time = '700ms' /> I wonder how one can be attracted to listening to horrible facts, violence, rape, etc ...

The worst part is that many people watch the news while they are eating! You can be in front of the most delicious dish in the world, but if we consume it while we are bombarded with bad news, in fact it is as if we were “seasoning” that wonderful dish with garbage.

The meal should be a moment of religiosity and pleasure, in which we nourish our body and mind with what we eat; how can we pollute our neurons at the same time, with the "media garbage" so dear to certain newspapers?

"If you hear negative news, you will become negative in turn."

When I say this, I am not expressing my personal opinion, it is a scientific fact, neuroplasticity tells us that our brain is built on the basis of the information we put into it; if we put negative info we will become negative, if we choose positive news we will become positive.

This is a principle of our biology, and we have no control over this process.

Our brain simply reacts to external impulses, words, information, experiences, and adjusts accordingly.

In reality, many have the illusion of not being influenced, for example by bad news, which we hear on the news, but it is a mere disillusionment. Neuroplasticity affects our brains, whether we are aware of it or not.

The answer people always give me when I recommend them not to listen to bad news is always the same:

"It is not a problem to listen to the news, I listen to what has happened and we do not allow myself to be influenced by those events".

This belief, of not being influenced by the news that comes to our brain from the outside, is a pious illusion, WE ARE ALL INFLUENCED BY WHAT COMES FROM THE OUTSIDE!

The real issue is having the sensitivity to perceive self-inflicted evil, in paying attention to bad news, when most people are unaware of it.

But, if you are not sensitive to the damage of "bad news", their devastating effect on our brain will still happen, regardless of our mere illusion of not being affected by it.

Selecting the news with which we decide to get in touch is a first, important step, to build a positive brain, and therefore our existence, happy and harmonious.


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