The SARS-CoV-2 virus has caused, and continues to cause, a whole series of health problems, which have centered, almost monopolized the world's attention on this topic, almost leading to forget everything else.

The situation of perennial emergency, which translates into an indefinite state of alarm, risks causing a whole series of secondary consequences to the pandemic, which for most may not be problems worthy of note, but which risk causing consequences not yet quantifiable in the long run.

We hear from many quarters that: "health comes first."

As far as I'm concerned, I accept that some, even the majority of people, can share this logic. Everyone has their own opinion and it is right to respect the opinions of others.

This might seem right at first glance, when you are in an emergency situation, but if you have a panoramic view you need to go further, however placing limits on this condition, which if it is not limited in time risks causing serious damage. the state of emergency ended.

When you are in a situation of danger, whether it is only perceived or real, decisions are usually clouded by the emotion of the moment.

Certainly one cannot plan for the future, reasoning and planning, when impulsiveness reigns supreme.

For this reason, the state of emergency must be for a fixed period, and not for an indefinite period.

The fear that arises from the dangerous situation can only cloud the brains. This can lead to absurd decisions, which can be perceived right in the moment, but which would never have been approved if one had reasoned clearly, and did not live in a regime of terror, where rationality gives way to impulsiveness and irrationality.

The issue is that the advocates of "health at any cost" do not realize that beyond their reasoning, there can be more. Such as putting freedom first. When I say freedom first of all, I mean even before the much acclaimed health. This means preventing the onset of a dictatorial drift, which usually manifests itself in an occult way at the beginning, almost hidden from the eyes of most, and that when it begins to manifest itself in all its evidence and strength, at that point it becomes difficult. come back.

History teaches that when peoples barter their freedom, allowing their rights to be limited, in exchange for promises, the consequences always take a tragic and destructive turn.

This is why we must avoid the logic of "health first". If we don't put freedom first, we will one day find ourselves not only losing our self-determination, but also our health.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

We can add that dictatorial regimes manifest themselves with many good intentions, before throwing away the mask.

We should all be concerned about the turn that events are taking, especially about the measures taken which are destroying our freedoms and rights one by one.

Many do not seem to perceive this authoritarian turn, well disguised by the health emergency, this totalitarian drift, which is depriving us of the most elementary benefits that democracy claims to bestow on its citizens.

It is true that everyone can think what they want, even that health comes first, the problem is that this principle is now imposed by force, with restrictive measures, social distancing, the compulsive and irrational use of masks. , the disproportion with which the police enforce the "laws".

The measures are enacted in an authoritarian style, with the ruler on duty who decides everything for everyone, outclassing parliament and violating the constitution itself.

We who defend freedom are not at the moment able to live our lives to the fullest of our possibilities, since the criteria of emergency and fear have taken over.

Since freedoms are no longer guaranteed, we can say that we no longer live in a democracy, and we must prepare to undergo any provision.

It is time to raise your voice, and to clamor for a new management of the epidemic that takes into account, not only the health of citizens, but also the protection of freedoms and rights.

We do not wait.

Let's not resign ourselves, let's not passively accept this situation. Let's stop the monster now, before it's too late. We still have time but we must all react together.