This is a copy of an article published on Steem platform. It is here to inform you of a small social media experiment. Thank you for your understanding.

At first, I wanted to write a longish article about all the new stuff proposed in the Steem HardFork 20.

Then I decided otherwise. A short post will do.

What Are You All Excited About?

It's minor tinkering with time constants, major tinkering with bandwidth / onboarding / whaterever which no ordinary user understood now and will understand even less in the future, some tinkering with witnesses and ... that's it.

No changes which will make the platform vibrant, no really new stuff.

Two major issues not addressed at all:

power distribution,

the invisibility of posts.

Hey, why am I lamenting for in the first place?

I will tell you why. I was thinking of putting my Steem participation on an autopilot for at least a month. This non-news has made my decision even easier. No posting until September 25th seems like an excellent call.

After that, we will see.

Come on guys, you can do better. You could at least pretend to do something useful for the masses, like improvements to the front end. You could at least lose the beta tag for the official frontend. It's been hanging there since the day one. Two years and three months in beta? Really ...

Ps: I usually write positive posts or don't write at all when I don't have anything positive to say. This post is an exception. Sorry, I won't jump onto the let's all happily cheer together bandwagon.

Ps2: I will conduct a brief social media experiment and let you know the results tomorrow in the evening.

Footer photo by taha ajmi on Unsplash

It was the first hit when searching for hard fork. Don't ask me why.