Hi all, earlier this week I posted about Scorum Athletes of the Month Awards.

In there I posted my nominations for this month and I received one additional nomination afterward. Now has come the time to vote for the first Scorum Legends of the Month in three categories (male/female/team).

How does the voting work?

All of you who would like to vote will receive 5 votes that they can use per category. The order is important. Your votes will score as follows:

10 points

7 points

5 points

3 points

1 point

Voting will last one week, after which the winners will be announced.

Adopting a nominated team

Everyone who upvotes this post has the right to adopt one of the nominated teams. Each team can only be adopted once and in case a team gets adopted for the second time, only the first one counts. The person adopting second can then adopt another team instead of course.

If the team that you adopted wins the voting for this month, you will win 10 SCR.

I will vote myself, but I will not be able to win the 10 SCR.

The aim is to write an article about the winning team here on Scorum.

I also plan to gather more information to share on the nominated teams in future posts.

The nominated teams for November 2018 are:

Alexandra Stepanova / Ivan Bukin (Russia) Figure Skating

The Russian ice dancing couple won two gold medals at the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating.

Kashima Antlers (Japan) Football/Soccer

The Japanese team won the AFC Champions League by beating Persepolis FC from Iran after two legs of football.

Source: The AFC

Natalia Zabiiabko / Alexander Enbert (Russia) Figure Skating

This Russian duo won two gold medals at the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating in the Pairs category.

Source: ISU

Team Australia (Women) Cricket

The Australian Women's Team won the gold medal at the ICC Women's World Twenty20 Cricket Championship.

Source: Scroll

Team Croatia (Men) Tennis

The Croatian Men's Tennis Team won the final of the last Davis Cup.

Source: Yahoo!

Team Czech Republic (Women) Tennis

The last Fed Cup was won by the ladies of the tennis team of the Czech Republic.

Source: AP News

Team Germany (Men) Nordic Combined

The gold medal at the Nordic Combined World Cup this month went to Germany.

Source: FIS

Team Hungary (Men) Shorttrack Speed Skating

Two gold medals for the Hungarian team at the ISU Shorttrack World Cup relay.

Source: ISU

Team Iran (Men) Beach Soccer

At the Beach Soccer International Cup the gold medals and the trophy went to Iran.

Source: Gulf News

Team Japan (Women) Speed Skating

Two gold medals for the Japanese Women's Team at the Speed Skating World Cup.

Team Netherlands (Men) Speed Skating

The Dutch Men's Team also won 2 gold medals at the Speed Skating World Cup.

Source: Pinterest

Team Netherlands (Women) Field Hockey

The last ever Champions Trophy in field hockey was won by the Dutch national women's team.

Team Poland (Men) Ski Jumping

The Polish Men's Team team won gold at the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup.

Source: TVN

Team Russia (Men) Speed Skating

There were also two gold medals in Speed Skating World Cup events for the Russian men.

Denis Yuskov (Source: ISU)

Team Russia (Women) Shorttrack Speed Skating

The Russian women won a gold and a silver medal at the ISU Shorttrack World Cup relay.

Sofia Prosvirnova, source: ISU

Team South Korea (Women) Shorttrack Speed Skating

The South Korean Women's Team also won a gold and silver at the ISU Shorttrack World Cup relay.

Who do you think should win this month's award? Share your Top 5!