Dear Scorum community,

No well-written article this time, but just a well-meant message from me and my beautiful wife. This time of the year brings people, communities, and families closer. We would like to give our special wishes to you and to all the people who are close to you.

The best present you can wish for is to spend as much time together as possible. This is the best we can currently do to share these feelings with you. We can’t wait to celebrate the holidays with you on our Scorum island in the future (Mauritius was suggested before).

We wish that all your dreams may come true.

We wish you, your friends and family stay healthy (or become healthy if they are not).

We wish that your favorite sports team has success unless they play against teams we support.

We wish you a very successful Scorum career.

Thank you for having us here and for all the support we have received in the last two months.

Lots of love,

Frank (fraste) & Deni (will make her own profile soon too)

The photo was taken by Deni's mother earlier tonight