Hello people, I saw a challenge on a post and I decided to join. We are just seven days into 2019 and I haven't read any book. Goodreads have come up with this challenge to encourage reading, and I have joined in.

If you want to to take part, just join the challenge on the Goodreads website https://www.goodreads.com. Reading has been said to reduce stress a lot, even more than music. This challenge seeks to encourage more people to read all around the globe. You can also invite others to take part in this challenge.

I chose 30 books because I want to be able to complete it. Knowing something is achievable gives you an extra drive to achieve it. When I'm done with the 30 and there's still time, I will definitely add some more books. I encourage everyone to give it a try. I hope we all decide to read more in 2019.