"How lovely it is to do whatever you want. Why on earth did I rush into marriage? That little thing called a ring is more than the iron chains used on our ancestors. I am never getting married again", Cassy said. "Never say never", Lindy retorted. "I really mean it, I'm not going through this excuse of a marriage again. You can't have a breathing space. Every millisecond, Danny wants to know my whereabouts. I can't even smile at a guy without him being jealous", Cassy said. "You have a point though, even at a girls' night out he would be calling you. You are the only person who receives calls from your husband when we go out", Emma chipped in.

Cassy had been married for a little over 2 years, and she filed for a divorce. She couldn't take it any longer. Her parents had been married for 28 years before a car accident took them away from her. She still grieves sometime, but on this occasion, she was happy her parent's weren't around to see what she had done with her life. They would turn in their graves if they knew what's happening in her life. They had always warned her about Danny but she never listened. Now she only has her self to blame for the slavery he brought in her life.

"I should have noticed the signs Danny showed me even before marriage. How could I be so in love and think with my heart instead of my head." Cassy couldn't stop blaming herself even though she's finally gotten a divorce. She remembers one particular event where Danny had come for her one evening to go out for lunch. Danny wouldn't come out of his car to greet her parents. He called to tell Cassy that he was out in front of her house, so she should come. Her parents told her to ask him to come in, or they won't allow her to come in. He still wouldn't come, and was only honking his horns. He called to tell Cassy to come out in the next 10 seconds or he leaves without her. Cassy had no option.

She knew that broke her parents heart, but she loved Danny. Danny will be her husband someday, so she had no option done to obey him, or at least that's what she thought at that time. Now she knows better. Finally, Cassy is free of him. Nothing feels better than being liberated from a slave marriage. Now she had the liberty to do what she wanted when she wanted. She could now breath again. She looked up to the ceiling and thanked God she had the courage to leave. She looked around and was happy she had Lindy and Emma as friends. She couldn't have done it without them. She's finally been liberated. She looked up and said, "I am sorry", hoping her parents would hear.