What does it mean to stand on principle? We need to first talk about what principle is. Principle is a proposition or fundamental truth that serves as the foundation for a behaviour or system of belief. So I ask, what are your beliefs? To stand on principle means to take a position on something and refuse to compromise. It is basically the opposite of compromising.

Unfortunately, seems the number of people holding on to a specific principle seems to be reducing by the day. It is said that, *"if you don't stand for something, you fall for anything"*. I've come to realise that this is true. If you don't have a moral compass on how to act, anything goes with you. You do anything you are asked or told to without thinking of how you feel about it.

Let's say you hate to cut corners at work. You are a handy man, fixing something for a customer. Doing it the right way might take a while, but you won't get any extra money for keeping long at the task. You know of an easier way to get the job done, but you know your services will again be required soon if you don't do it right. What do you do if your boss asks you to do a shoddy work so you guys can close early.

What do you do since he's the one who pays you? It's not easy to resist pressure from people who pay your salary. Do you give in as a subordinate, or do you stand your ground as a handyman who is proud of his work. Do you compromise on quality to save face with your boss or you do the right thing according to your principles? This is where your principles is put to test.

Principles build brands and integrity. You know Apple won't compromise on quality and give out bad products because then, they loose their customers. Same way you should have principles so it can be said about you that you are a man or woman of integrity. Don't move with the wind. Have a stand point. Unless there is reasonable doubt on your beliefs, you shouldn't let others pressure you into what you don't believe in.