Well it does like a strange cup doesn't it. But a Belgian Television channel cam up with this great idea.

During this lockdown, all sport competitions came to a hold. So they came up with an idea for a competition in which all type of sporters do have a chance!

The battle area is a container. This container is on the back of a truck, which rides from house to house. After each atlete the container is completely desinfected and rides to the next competitor. It was hard to set up a set of disciplines which would give all participants a chance of winning.

This is the idea they came up with:

  • 1500 m running
  • 1000 m rowing
  • 3000 m cycling
  • benchpress (kg / 2)
  • monkey bars (each bar is 1 sec)
  • golf (meters / 3)
  • shooting (each hit target 10 sec)

The time of the first 3 disciplines are added together and with the other disciplines one can win time which will be distracted from the total time.

At the moment already 8 competitors have completed their container cup and in a sportless period this is some great television.

In total there are 40 competitors. 32 pro athletes and 8 television stars.

Well it is better than nothing!