The options: Formal Meh, visitant Meh, Carnamah, Tropic of Hormonal, Rhizome, Gonomaiha, Pyayah. In English it is called gonorrhea and Greek, 'sozak' or 'sujak'.

Disease Introduction: It is a severe form of infectious disease, in which secretion of pus with the urine and symptoms of inflammation are done from the urinary institute. In this, the urine passes through the male's urine and the female's vagina passes through the pice.

This is an infection of the mucous membrane of the Genito-urinary tract by |N. Gonorrhea.

Causes of Disease: This disease is caused by a bacterium called "Nigeria Gonorai". The bacteria infect the urinary tract of the woman and the male.

These bacteria are the 'coffee seeds' or the very small creatures of the human kidneys. On intercourse with this woman suffering from this disease, these bacteria enter the urinary tract inside the penis and raising their number extraordinarily, they start eating the urine tube, from which the pav is started. The symptoms of this disease begin to appear within 10-12 days of having sex with the patient.

Due to this disease, the bacteria that resemble two points are 'gonococcus'.

remember- The disease is transmitted by sexual intercourse with the woman who is suffering from suzak (Puyayeh) disease, from the woman to the male and the person with puerile sex. Due to the secretion of pus through the urinary tract, this disease is called 'Pyaayehah'.

Symptoms of gonorrhea:- In new diseases

Repeated genders due to irritation.

Pain in the penis and urine sacrifice in the front part of the penis.

Slowly redness on the penis gem and the origin of inflammation.

Intolerable pain and dermatitis during urination.

There is a velocity of urine again.

The penis is strained and the secretion starts coming out.

Sometimes bleeding due to urinary tract due to inflammation.

In some cases, the urine passes through the pav.

The aperture of the cervix gets compressed.

Urine comes in two streams with inflammation.

Light fever, junk or tremor, and headaches are found.

Do not get sleep due to the excessive hardness of the penis in the night.

The urine does not come clean and it is dripping.

When the disease is old:-

The decrease in irritation and pain. But secretion of pice continues.

White like yellow and glue and gluten.

In some cases, the use of powders come off / or in small quantities. After some time it will be restarted

Note- This sequence moves for months or years.

Remember- this disease is synergistic of syphilis (heat or intestine). The only difference is that in syphilis there are wounds on the 'supari' of 'legendry'.

Specific symptoms of the disease:-

Acute gonorrhea in men:

Pain in the urinary tract / subsequent secretion of the urinary tract, which is later converted into 'Frankly Purulent'.

A headache, malaise, acute pulse and fever.

Inhibition of the urine tube, which is its main disorder.

Gonorrhea in women:-

In this the uterus, the uterus mouth is affected Bartholin urine tube.

Pain in the waist

Vaginal and vaginal swelling is found in girls.

Pain and fever both on the abdomen.

Pain in the pelvic exam in both the legs. Urine frequent and piquant.

The possibility of Opthelmin Neonatorum in children born in children suffering from fever.


The history of illegal sex is helpful in diagnosing the disease.

Burning and pain in urinary renunciation within 3-7 days of the prefix.

Secretion of a special type of organism through the urinary tract

Presence of bacterial specialty in the pre-examination (in the form of intraocular combination)

Statement- The above signs and signs are helpful in disease diagnosis

When a patient of gonorrhea comes to medicine, he should immediately send the laboratory to his urinary tract, to ensure that he has not been diagnosed with syphilis.

Remember- if the patient's statement showed that the diseased whore. After doing so, he has intercourse with his wife, so husband and therapist are necessary so that there is no disease in the future.

Complications of the disease

In Men

Urinary tract pelvic inflammation.



Penile abscess.

Venereal inflammation.

In women


Urinary tract inflammation.

Vaginal inflammation.

Cervical inflammation.

Abdominal Art Inflammation.

Severe gland swelling.

Different disorders of menstruation.

Miscarriage after being pregnant.

Statement- This is a stubborn disease but is not fatal, but it is hard to cure. In the beginning, if it is not properly treated, the disease remains lifelong.

• Infections of the disease disorder the entire reproductive organs in both men and women.• Peritoneal and ophthalmic can also be severely infected by its infection.

Remedies to Avoid:-

Utter relinquishment

Do not forget about sexual intercourse with harlot and adulteress.

Clean the genitalia with soap or sewn lotion on the mistake (infections), by cleansing the potassium permanganate (1: 5000) by clearing the urine tube and entering 2% of the protege solution or 20-30 drops of a solution of 'Betadine'. Hold for 5-7 minutes. Along with this, 'having a pita of puri 2 times a day is not afraid to be gonorrhea.

Allergic therapy:-

Rest the patient on the bed.

Running, dancing, cycling etc., sacrifice.

Milk, coconut water and soda water

Piped by drinking 4 liters of water + 1-liter raw milk several times to the patient.

The patient needs a daily bath

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