NOWCOIN! It is the newest competitive market game in crypto. NOWCOIN is a different kind of market game where initially the coin is rewarded on the condition of HODLing. You buy and hold NOWCOIN and you are rewarded at the 1st and 15th of each month for simply just HOLDING NOWCOIN.

This is IMPORTANT because in order to have a successful currency you have to have two sides, the holders and the merchant. Many of the currencies presently only have holders and that is not a real world use case for the coin. So NOWCOIN is taking a different approach and is attempting to build an ecosystem of people and investors HOLDING the coin and make that ecosystem strong and the merchant will come. You can find their whitepaper here! Seen below is the rules on the genesis block!

NOWCOIN is attempting to build from the bottom on standard economic rules and create an ACTIVE COMMUNITY of NOWCOIN holders that are investing in the coin. They are doing a good job so far by constantly keeping it's members active by playing games and holding bounties. You can find the most recent games here ( ) and currently they are playing the NOWCOIN BUCKET CHALLENGE. I have seend them post regularly on STEEMIT and here is their homepage .

You can see the current holders and move around the explorer by going here!

By HOLDING NOWCOINS you will be rewarded for the amount of NOWCOIN you hold in the following reward system. By simply holding 100 NOWCOINS you will receive a 3% reward on the 1st and 15th of every single month. This is a huge reward percentage for simply holding a coin. If you are one of the top 1000 holders than you will receive an additional 5% totaling 8% on the 1st of each month.

NOWCOIN is a new initiative that is taking off and has quite alot of competitors wit such a new project. The market on bitshares, which is found here is currently trading over 3 BTS/NOWCOIN. This is quite a big support initially for a new coin. follow the instruction below for joining bitshares and start trading and buying and HOLDING NOWCOIN TODAY!

You didn't think I was going to forget the good stuff did you? NOWCOIN is AIRDROPPING FREE NOWCOIN. The first 1000 people to join the telegram server (at the bottom of the post) and then buy 10 nowcoins on bitshares will receive 10 free NOWCOINS!. The rules of the airdrop are below.

Join in and let's PLAY THE HODLING GAME!

Finally be sure and Join NowCoin’s Telegram community:

You can also find them on discord and facebook!